Our Reason Why???

I started making 100% Vegan and Organic skincare for my now 15 year old son when he had a bad case of eczema and medications and steroids did not work. He was 3 then and has not had a flare up since. In 2019 my husband and I decided to expand our family. At the age of 38 you never think that conception of a new baby would be difficult. When you work out and have a clean bill of health, pregnancy should be a breeze... not so much. We were told that our window to just keep trying and see what happens was closing. They wanted us to consider IVF and we did but with a teenager headed to his Junior year of High School and a 6 year old, paying  for IVF was not something we wanted to do. We decided we would be thankful for our 2 healthy children and do the best we could to raise them to be wonderful adults and we were ok with that. Months went by and we found out we were expecting.  We were shocked and excited. I was so nervous about wanting  to make sure this little miracle baby made it here safe so I paid closer attention to not only what I put in my body but what I put on it.  I already have a successful cosmetic line named after my middle daughter...JlarueCosmetics. I was no stranger to creating chemical free beauty products so I started making my own Belly Balm.  I only wanted 100% natural and organic products absorbed in my skin.  Now almost a year to the date we were told it could not happen we delivered a healthy baby girl name Elle Jonae!  I continued my obsession with creating natural products and created Elle's vegan Diaper Balm.Then as a breastfeeding mom I needed relief, so I created a Nipple Nurse cream to soothe my breast between feedings. The need for pure, chemical-free & organic skincare products is how Elle Jonae Skincare started.  Please enjoy this 100% Natural & Organic skincare line. Made especially for you and the little people that mean the most.